Uncle Mermaid

The child who believed he had a mermaid soon became an fat adult. The mermaid tail is a symbol of innocence. But now adult, it is hard to live in reality because of the mermaid tail. We are suffering from realistic problems such as hair loss and low salary, depression in the course of becoming an adult This is our story, the story of adults who want to hide because they are not free from society.

Cute Snout

The TTl(Cute Snout) Series is the first platform toys of Handsome Studio. I think the cuteest animal is a cat. As a result of observing the cat that was raised, the main factor causing the cuteness was the snout. It is a combination of the most cute elements and peaches(Peaches are expensive in Korea, so I could not eat when childhood). The lack of childhood and the happiness of the present are purely harmonious arttoy

Kokdu Mate

Kokdu mate is a art toy that reinterprets the Korean traditional handicraft based on modern aesthetics and culture. Kokdu is a handicraft used as a decoration for bier, and is a friend with whom a lonely and hard way goes. Kokdu is divided into guide, guards, entertainer, and servants. Kokdu is also called an oriental angel. It is the companion of the soul that comforts us and is with us.


It is a North Korean cartoon film made in the motif of Poongsan dog in the 1980s. Soonfeel is a character who bravely defeats the enemy and defends his country. Beyond the recent era, it once again attracts a keen interest in North Korea's Kidult. This figure is 'Must have item' for North Korean kidult who recall their childhood memories.

(It's Fiction)


Doosan Bears & SENTROL

Yeoju Life and 

Culture Exhibition Hall

Hantan River Dam National Geological Park Publicity Hall

National Museum of Korea Egyptian Treasure Exhibition



Pringles 50th Anniversary


Handsome Studio is a design studio that plans, develops and produces Kidult contents based on Korea and our story. We will create not only domestic and overseas licensing business using its own IP(Intellectual property), but also character contents of various companies and local governments.


  2015. 03 Established Handsome Studio

  2015. 05 Selected as an artist support project  (Welfare Foundation for Artists)

  2015. 08 Korea Growth Corporation Kidult Cultural Content Division Grand Prize

  2015. 10 Ministry of Employment and Labor Mentor School Art Toy mento Lecture

  2016. 04 Creative Center for Convergence Culture Office Entered 1, 2

  2016. 05 K-Culture Valley Korean Wave Content Permanent Exhibition

  2016. 05 DDP gallery box permanent exhibition

  2016. 08 Daum&Kakao Story Funding

  2016. 09 Main Prize of MOJITOK Emoticon Competition and sales

  2016. 09 Judger for supporting the production of FeeltheFeel Arts

  2016. 10 It's Me Casting BJ Group Award

  2016. 11 Yonsei University School of Media Design Special Lecture on Art Toy

  2016. 12 Seoul Animation Center Entered Jeamirang 5

  2017. 03 The 8th Korea Eroticism Art Exhibition Excellence Award

  2017. 06 Director, Korean Character Association

  MBC, T-Mon character production , KT & LucidStone character design 

  KBS, Doosan Bears & SENTROL, Chilgok Peace Memorial Hall

  National Museum of Korea Egyptian Treasure Exhibition

  Hantan River Dam National Geological Park Publicity Hall

  Yeoju Life and Culture Exhibition Hall

  Suwon Culture Foundation & Korea Da Vinci Institute

  Pringles 50th Anniversary 

 Design and production of Chupa Chups&Do-Toy characters


  2015. 04 Arttoy culture 2015

  2015. 05 19th SICAF

  2015. 06 UMF KOREA

  2015. 06 TOKYO TOY SHOW(Buyer)

  2015. 07 Kidult&Hobby Expo in Busan

  2015. 08 Seoul Illustration Fair

  2015. 09 ACE Fair

  2015. 10 DDP Dongdaemun Gate Festival

  2015. 12 Illustration Festa015

  2015. 01 HongKong International Licensing Show(Buyer)

  2016. 05 Arttoy culture 2016

  2016. 05 Bang-guseog Artist daebangchul

  2016. 05 Seoul dessert Fair

  2016. 07 Seoul Illustration Fair

  2016. 07 Seoul Character Licensing Fair

  2016. 08 Kidult&Hobby Expo in Busan  

  2016. 08 Creation Economic Innovation Center Festival

  2016. 09 Ace Fair

  2016. 10 Gallery Box in DDP

  2016. 10 Hallyu Promising Consumer Goods&Culture Festival

  2016. 10 3D Printing Technology / Design Festival
  2016. 11 Illustration Festa016
  2016. 12 Hand made Korea
  2016. 12 Hangul Culture Market Living Culture Exhibition Hall
  2017. 01 HongKong International Licensing Show(Buyer)
  2017. 01 Kidult&Hobby Expo in Seoul
  2017. 02 Choking Hazard in KULT3D, Singapore
  2017. 03 Hyundai&Galleria Department Pop-up Store
  2017. 03 Seoul Animation Center Permanent Exhibition
  2017. 05 Arttoy culture 2017
  2017. 07 Seoul Illustrational Fair
  2017. 07 Seoul Character Licensing Fair
  2017. 09 ACE Fair
  2017. 09 Beijing Toy Show
  2017. 09 Singapore Toy&Game, Comics Convention
  2017. 10 Taipei Toy Festival
  2017. 11 Hantang River Dam National Geological Park  Publicity Hall Exhibition
  2017. 12 KOTRA Global Art Collaboration